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We are no. 1 internet service provider company in India.

Stands for "Internet Service Provider." An ISP provides access to the Internet. Whether you're at home or work, each time you connect to the Internet, your connection is routed through an ISP.

Early ISPs provided Internet access through dial-up modems. This type of connection took place over regular phone lines and was limited to 56 Kbps. In the late 1990s, ISPs began offering faster broadband Internet access via DSL and cable modems. Some ISPs now offer high-speed fiber connections, which provide Internet access through fiber optic cables. Companies like Comcast and Time Warner provide cable connections while companies like AT&T and Verizon provide DSL Internet access.

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Free Installations & Setup

Up to 1 Gpbs Download Speed

24/7 Customer Support

Services We Provide

Home Broadband

Upto 100 Mbps high speed broadband with dedicated fiber connectivity, reliable support and unlimited data

Lease Line

Comprehensive end to end internet solutions for restaurants, hotels, digital agencies, small and medium business, offices etc.

All Features

Unlimited Data

We bring unbeatable broadband plans at your doorstep with upto 100 Mbps speed with unlimited download as well as upload data

Flexible Payments

Make payments easily through cash, cheque with our pick up facility or your debit/credit card through our online payment portal

Uninterupted Service

Enjoy unbeatable internet service with our Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON) based fiber to the home or fiber to the premises technology

Gateway Redundancy

We are connected to the cloud network through various upstream providers to ensure internet gateway redundancy and low latency

FTTH technology

Our fiber to the home (FTTH) technology and judicial load balancing mode ensures high performance with dedicated bandwidth and coverage at a low cost

Unmatched Support

Our competent support staff ensures that all customer queries are entertained and dealt promptly up to the satisfaction of our customers

What Our Client’s Say

Speedostar Broadband is very fast broadband service . After using it i really liked its fast connectivity, fast speed without any problem of disconnection in the middle, and ofcourse customer care service is well appreciated.

Anannya Naik

If you are in Dombivli and want a internet without any hassle , go for Speedostar immediately. 1st Fiber Technology in Dombivli with blazing fast speed. Got the active connection within 24 hrs of booking.

Shubham Utekar

Superb experience Seamless internet connection.quick response in downtime. No major complaints for last one year usage. And most important much economic than others in this business."

Swapnil Shrungare

For me speed matters a lot as I run a computer education institute. With YOU I got the speed that I was looking for. There is no doubt that YOU is better than my previous service provider.

Shakuntala Dasgupta

Connectivity is good compared to other service providers. Most importantly all the commitments made to me are fulfilled

Mandar Tervenkar

Best ISP ever . Amazing speeds and data packages. Highly consistent" Excellent. Awesome. Fast no breaks no bufferrings at all

Shreerag Sudarshan